My Life in Countless Pictures

Monday, September 19, 2022


As I am writing this, 35th year of existence kicked in. But prior to it, the twilight hours of my 34th were spent going to Bacolod, Boracay, staycation at Shell Residences and so much more. Consider this the photo dump you never asked for.

Bacolod City, July 2020

I kept smiling when I was in Bacolod. No wonder, it is not called City of Smiles for nothing! I was with my colleagues and I can't wait for the next trip together!

Boracay, August 2022

All those travelogues are never wrong, Boracay is that beach! 

Graduation- Marikina Convention Center, August 2022

To say that I was proud to graduate after many, many years of making it happen is an understatement. 

Staycation, Shell Residences

Thanks to Rizza for making this tradition of us September birthday celebrators bonding happen. Cheers to more, I guess. Rizza, if you can read this, top this next year! 

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