There's Something About Ryan

With the erstwhile Philippines Graphic Literary Editor and Editor-in-Chief respectively, Miss Alma Anonas-Caprio and Mr. Joel Pablo Salud @ The Philippines Graphic office, Makati

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a licensed professional teacher in Antipolo City and a published author whose works appeared in Philippine Daily Inquirer (Young Blood), (Love.Life), Manila Bulletin (for the now-defunct Focus Feature), formercactus, Paragraph Planet, Novice, The Diarist Projects, Liwayway, and Philippines Graphic. My greatest writing hits were anthologized in my book, Pun Intended: Collected Works under Hinabing Salita Publishing House, and is now available for purchase.

I’ve been putting up with this creative pursuit for so long even if my digital footprints are everywhere. I have blogs aplenty from different platforms but I had a hard time updating them. But this I know for sure now: since I already owned the domain, this will compel me to churn out contents because sayang. Lol.

Welcome to my words. I hope you keep coming back for more.

Books and Publications (The other two I contributed in, the other one I wrote myself)

Young Blood Six: The Best Essays Published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 2014 to 2015
Young Blood Six, edited by Ruel S. De Vera, Rosario A. Garcellano, Pam Pastor and Javier Vicente D. Rufino for my essay 'From Hair to Eternity'

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Pun Intended: Collected Works by Ryan Leyco Faura from Hinabing Salita Publishing House

Novice Magazine, 2nd issue for my essay 'Pride of Passage'

Elsewhere on the web (where I was briefly mentioned)