The Book Whisperer

Saturday, March 25, 2023

I am a book whisperer. I strongly think I am. You might not believe this because you probably have read/ watched The Horse Whisperer and there is no way that I am gifted with such flair. I do not expect you to believe me of course because there is no reason to. Just come with me to a bookstore and I will show you firsthand. 

You see this gift conjures itself when I am crouch on all fours scanning all the titles as far as my eyes can see, or my hands can reach. Like magic, the best titles always come to me begging to be picked up which are eventually purchased because my reasoning involves telling myself over and over again that I will never ever be able to find the books again if I let them slip away. This gift does not come to me overnight of course. It is sustained through many years of practice, like a magician who ultimately mastered the gift after moments of failures and mishaps. 

Because of this, I am starting a series here in the website about all the books that have come to me in my outstretched hands that I have eventually bought without an iota of regret. First of all, the gift understands that I can ONLY afford books in their discounted prices. Talk about 80- 90 percent off. Books above 500 php even if they are 'whispered' to me are ignored. The sorry state of my finances trumped any guilt of not owning them. Overspending denotes the intention. The gift does not want me to go bankrupt. What's the point of me being a book whisperer if I can afford all of them in just a mighty swipe of my debit card? The purpose obvi disintegrates and there is no way in the world that I will allow this gift to die its natural death. Some feelings should die but not this. Never this because if I can be blunt about it, books are the longest relationship that I have ever had and although I would want someone sana to share all these books with, maybe this whispering would eventually take me there. 

So hey if you are single and you like books and you will accept me as I am SOGIE and all, then maybe hit me up. We'll write each other's chapters of the best book ever- our love story. Lol. 

So here's a roundup of the books that I whispered into purchasing with all important links and their original VS discounted prices: 

Form Letters: Fill-In-the-Blank Notes to Say Anything to ...
Form Letters by Laura Olin { Original Price: 295 php, after 80% off: 59 php }

I am a sucker for experimental book format and this is definitely right up my alley. You are to fill in the details of anything asked or wanted in the letters. Be it for someone who rejected you, or to a teacher who changed your life or even as absurdly to your tooth fairy. The letters are even perforated so you can send them to the right recipient! Oh what fun! 

Pop Art (Art & Ideas): Collins, Bradford: 9780714862439: Books
Pop Art by Bradford R. Collins {Original Price: 675 php, after 80% off: 135 php}

Truth be told, Art scares me because this is one subject that I would really want to get acquainted with but I might make a total mess of myself doing so in the process. But as a pop culture junkie, I would want to dive into it because there is always beauty in the attempt. The excerpt says, this book establishes the origins of Pop art in the context of the social and political world. If you are familiar with the works of Andy Warhol and you are such a devotee, this book would inform you that he is not the end-all and be-all of Pop art although there is no denying his rippling influence. In fact this cover of Brillo soap pads is an art by Warhol himself. 

Being Creative by Michael Avatar {Original Price: 795 php, after 80% off:  159 php}

As a frustrated creative, there is a certain clarity to this book that caught my eye even before I got blinded by the huge discount, it is with ease of how easily recognisable the title is: no fuss, no frills, just the fact that what you build, you will become. Inasmuch that I try to stay away from 'self-help' books, I take originality seriously and even by mere scanning, I know that I will have a good time perusing and trying its pages. 

Pretty Paper Parties: Customize Your Party with Papers, Templates, and  Endless Inspiration: Chupp, Vana: 9781452109152: Books
Pretty Paper Parties by Dana Chupp { Original Price, 295 php, after 80% off, 59 php}

If we are friends for the longest time, you would certainly know that pretty papers permeate my being and there is nothing that I wanted in the world so much than just be surrounded by them frail but whimsical papers. Most certainly not all of these will be used for parties because 1. I don't throw any and 2. These are perfect for my journal as accents, or backdrops or what have you! I can't wait to stick this to my Traveler's Notebook! 

If You Read Anything Offline This Year, Make It This Book (someecards): 45  ways to tell people you're taking a momentary break from the internet:  Mitchell, Duncan, someecards: 9781454911005: Books
If you read anything offline this year, make it this book {Original Price, 175, not discounted}

Collecting cards when I can now afford them is something that my tweensy, pre-pubescent self would thank me for. But this particular set is way tad different from my stash. First of all, this is nasty and snarky and surefire anyone without a sense of humour would find this downright offensive and that is the fun of it OMYGOD. If ever you are a friend and you receive one from me, just don't forget to remember that it will always be the thought that counts. You're welcome. 

I freakin cannot wait to add more to my growing collection. For the meantime, let me just take a deep breath and READ THEM.