My 10 for 2020

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

This year is probably the longest and most harrowing in recent memory and we all can't wait to be done with it so we can start anew for 2021. But if there's one thing that this year has taught us, it is to be grateful always for all the blessings that we receive each year, whether its groundbreaking or mundane. 

Last year, I started listing down all my personal and professional highlights. 2019 was a personal record: I enumerated 19 breakthroughs * I call them breakthroughs* and I fully intended to replicate them for 2020 but alas, Covid-19 suspended everything indefinitely and we have no choice but to slow down. 

I am still as grateful, probably even more intense that I could ever be. 

May I present to you my 10 highlights of 2020:

1. Published my first book Pun Intended: Collected Works under Hinabing Salita Publishing House.

2.  Hosted the red carpet event of HAMAKA Award of Excellence with the incomparable Rizza Pereyra

With DepEd Antipolo Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Diaz

3. Published my short story 'An Inconvenient Love' in Philippines Graphic Magazine ( on a sad note: the website where my story appeared was taken down and I still wasn't able to buy a physical copy. But here's a picture of the magazine and the screenshot of the online article). 

4. Published my essay '#Pride of Passage' in Novice Magazine.

5. Published my review x commentary of 2gether The Series in


6. Received an Amazon Kindle ( and bookshelves, and lotsa stuff) from Chuvaness. Everything that she has given me can be accessed in this tumblr site. 

7. Got featured in an episode of GMA News TV's Stand for Truth. Gratis to my former student and The Farmer Times Editor-in-Chief, MJ Geronimo.

8. Launched my website at

9. Published my third international flash fiction 'Cumulus' at Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.

10. Got my book featured for sale at the Manila International Online Book Fair. 

So that's about it. It's not really much but I couldn't ask for more now that everything is in lockdown. I wish that you are able to tick off things from your bucket list, or achieve goals that you deserve. 

So what are your personal and professional highlights this year? 

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