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Friday, August 27, 2021


I have been mulling about this but just today, August 24, 2021, I finally subscribed to New York online magazine. Don't worry, it is the cheapest but their features and coverage are at par to the likes of New Yorker so you can be assured that not a day goes by that I will not open their website so I can be aware of what's hot and not in pop culture. Imagine paying 1 dollar for 2 months as its subscription fee? 

Anyways, one of the most interesting contents here is the Friday Night Movie Club where a member of the group of editors suggests a movie across all genre to watch together. Their first selection was the 1959 film, Some Like It Hot. Read the review here

So as inspired by New York, I am attempting my very own Friday Night Movie Club where, as its founder, I'll suggest a film regardless of genre that we all can watch to perfectly cap off the work week. Some of the films I will be including are personal favorites that merit a revisit or must-watch from the 90's or the early aughts, all interesting I promise. I will create a Messenger group where I will disclose the movie of the week and where I will also include where to find them. The members can have a short discussion about the film should they wish to. Nothing mandatory. The idea is to discover new gems which will be a potential favorite and they can pass on this recommendation to their own set of friends and yes, to bond over a piece of art that deserves new viewership. Plus, there is something so therapeutic about a fan club that shares its passion like no other! 

If this is the sort of things that interest you, consider answering the Google Form here. Let's all geek together! 

And oh, my first Friday Night Movie pick is Ruby Sparks. I think you should join our club. I promise my recommendations will be the highlight of your week! 


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