La Union, April 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022

La Union Map on Behance
illustrated by Katsy Garcia on Bēhance

I have always dreamed of going to La Union ( wokes call it LU) so when our master planner Ubegail asked the group about where to go just before the last batch of our subjects ( that we will be teaching) kicks in, I know it has to be La Union since we already planned of going 2019 but pandemic happened. And ever since I fell in love with the movie I'm Drunk, I Love You where the most pivotal scenes were shot, I needed to have my full Carson moment. 

But things did not happen the way I imagined it only because of some unavoidable circumstances which definitely added to the experience that left us feeling empty, like it could still turn out to be something great and memorable ( not that I'm saying that it wasn't great and memorable. I have the best company and we always turn things around whenever necessary). 

With the crew (from L-R) Ate Baity, She, Graciabelle, Rain, Ubegail, Maricor, Erika, Aubrey, Enah, Kimmy, Miss Abbu, Moi, Mar and Sir Ata. 

We weren't able to fully experience all the listed itineraries because of what happened the night prior ( it was technically morning since it was 3:30 AM when the car brakes broke in the middle of Tarlac). Our expected arrival to La Union if Waze can be trusted should have been 7 AM but since the contingency of the travel and tours company that we booked did not leave up to standards, we were rescued past 10 AM so it kind of ruined all of the plans and places that were promised to us. We arrived at La Union astronomically hungry at 1:30 PM and to our desolated hostel at around 3 PM. So basically, our first day gone to stale. But I have to say props to our 'rescuer', who belongs to other travel and tours company, because he let us experienced some sights despite the near-twilit hours. 

@The Man-made Forest


@Bahay Na Bato

@Trinity Beach Resort


@San Juan Beach 

@Grape Farm

The question remains. Shall we go back to La Union despite what happened? 

Many times over but probably trying a different tour package because it was the most disappointing of the trip. 

But mighty glad to get away from the hustle and bustle even for just a few days. Can't wait for our next tours and detours. 


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