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I know. This is not the end-of- March whatnots you are used to where I occasionally peek here to roundup my monthly obsessions but here I am introducing a new update which I know eventually will just be a one-time thing, lol. I'm supposed to write this through a new Substack newsletter but then I remember that I already have one which I am slowly and surely abandoning. Don't get me wrong please. I will never run out of ideas with the newsletter because I always have journal entries every month. But suddenly I kind of lose the energy and the enthusiasm to continue with the project. So here I am attempting a new one. Lol. 

So what is LitMus you ask?

The premise is quite simple. You are reading a potential favourite book and then suddenly you turn to the next page and there you see a playlist of songs that the author/s recommended for you to play along during your main character era. Think of it as a mixtape or when you 'burn' songs in a rewritable disc. Remember those? Oh the nostalgia! That is the idea behind LitMus. Not the most original I know. But ANYTHING to keep this going especially now that some of my co-teachers are using my website for their lessons about hyperlinks. (Shoutout to you Ubegail, ILYSM).

So I will be putting here all the music videos and a Spotify playlist at the end so you can blast these songs whenever you need a quick pick-me-up or when stress is overwhelming and you need to chill a bit. Music is cathartic, in case you didn't know. 

And so we begin with The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky which I haven't revisited since the last time I read this 10 years ago.

So when Charlie picked Patrick for their 'Secret Santa', he decided that his first present will be a mixtape. He called it 'One Winter' because the songs reminded him of the season. Charlie hopes that when Patrick plays these songs when he is driving home alone, he will feel that he belongs to something. Especially when he is sad. 

1. Asleep | the Smiths

2. Vapour Trail | Ride

3. Scarborough Fair | Simon & Garfunkel

4. A Whiter Shade of Pale | Procol Harum

5. Time of Reply | Nick Drake

6. Dear Prudence | The Beatles

7.  Gypsy | Suzanne Vega 

8. Nights in White Satin | the Moody Blues

9. Daydream | Smashing Pumpkins


10. Dusk | Genesis

11. MLK | U2

12. Blackbird | The Beatles

13. Landslide | Fleetwood Mac

So have you read -- and probably watched -- the movie adaptation? Did you like it? I read this book during my early twenties when I was still trying to figure out some things and after all these years this remains to be one of my most favourite coming-of-age books. 

I can't wait for the next iteration of this spanking new update. For the meantime, let me just pry open all my books and see if this idea can still be continued. Hopefully so. 

Credits: book (Amazon) cassette tapes ( Unsplash) music videos (Youtube)


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