The Anniversary of the Show that Changed Me + BW Merch Unboxing

Saturday, February 20, 2021


Last July, not writing about 2gether The Series had been growing pains. It's the proverbial itch that I need to scratch or I won't forgive myself. I simply need to even if my attempt won't add up to the gravitas of the show because my words and exuberance won't simply amplify the trailblazing impact that it rippled throughout an industry that still seeks for recognition. BL as a genre is still a minority: some of its stars are relatively unknown in their own shores despite them being worthy of emulation. Some of its shows never reached peak popularities even if their plots carry a certain truth, a necessary introduction to conversations that involve LGBTQIA+ quest to acceptance. In a perfect world, these shows need not come out as they should have been thriving as regulars. 

I ended up writing with what I call as review x commentary. It was later published at AnnyeongOppa and still up to this day the only writing that I had about a favorite show. I haven't done this in Stranger Things or One Tree Hill. While those two other shows are special, what made 2gether so exceptional is because it delineated and celebrated my own narrative as a gay person. For once in my life, the stories that were deprived to me were flashed before my eyes and no one seemed judgmental or with expletives to drop because everyone was accepting. That's why I took it to heart and commit each scene to memory. 

I chose to write this blog update today because it is the show's one year anniversary. I even made this really ceremonial because I am finally opening the beauxdol merch that took almost half a year to arrive. If some fans dove at a slightest provocation to unbox their merches as soon as they arrived, I fought the urge to do so. I know I have to wait for the right time and what could be more right than today. For someone like me who never buys merch because once the appeal wears off because they will just collect films of dust at some neglected niche, this is the first. And I am mighty glad that I did succumb to the temptation. If a show that you consider your world released memorabilia, owning at least a piece of it will make you feel that you are owning a relic to a time when happiness is measured by people social distancing and wearing masks. Go get one at least. You deserve it. 

I did because I am worth it. 

Of course, I know what's inside the box even if I squealed the loudest when it was announced that a boxed set will be released together with a photobook. But I only saw them in the promotional posters so I hope this won't be another case of expectations vs. reality where reality did not live up to its expectation or vice versa. 

Need a verdict? 


1. BrightWin Photobook (Black Version) 

High res photos with 4 exclusive photo cards shot by BrightWin themselves. I am shaking like crazy hell opening this book. I can liken this feeling when I finally crack open the last installment of Harry Potter back in high school. I appreciate the corresponding texts inside as they are translated for international fans. BrightWin broke records and still break records as they rose to superstardom status for just one year. The interviews are refreshing, tongue-in-cheek and generous! 

2. Boxed Set

When I first heard about GMMTV releasing boxed sets to all its shows from a co-fan, there is no doubt in my mind that I need to get it. I rarely splurge on anything ( except for books and stationeries) so deciding whether I should avail this or not is something that I haven't had the foggiest. I just knew that it will make me happy and anything that makes you happy is worth it. 

The boxed set includes: 

* An exclusive straight-from-the scenes photobook with signatures from males cast. 

* 2 show's posters

*  Pivotal scene postcards

* The guitar pick bracelet

* And the star of the show, the DVDs of all episodes ( with hopefully behind-the-scenes). The cover of the discs are well thought out because it features key facets/ details of the series. 

And today happens to be Win Metawin's birthday, too, so here's a collage that I did to celebrate it! 

Even if my friends coaxed me to watch other BL shows because all of them are worthy of my time, I can't seem to do it because #loyalty. I said this before and I will say this again, 2gether the Series is my Star Wars. I know in my gut that even if the years go by, I will always be reminded that in a dumpster fire that was 2020, I was forever lit within by a seemingly simple story of Tine and Sarawat which turned out to be not so simple after all. It's a tale that should be as old as time that ended in deserved happy ever afters. It's a representation of all the community's hopes and dreams that loving someone should not be in the jurisdiction of sexes. Love is genderless and this is something that needs no explanation. 

It just is. 

Happy Anniversary 2gether the Series. Thank you for changing me. 

All photos are mine. Collages of 2gether and Win are created using Nichi app. 


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