Pun Intended: Collected Works, an ebook for a time being, available forever

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Last year days before the pandemic was declared, I was mentally preparing for what I will share to the invited crowd who will be attending my very first book launch as a sole author. I will not tell you here what happened because you are all aware of it as its impact is still felt up to this day. We had to postpone the launch as it deemed dangerous by the authorities to continue holding gatherings with a supposed large crowd in attendance. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. 2020 was supposed to be a year that I will get to experience a life of a legit author where I have already plans for my own launches at school where I teach or anywhere else. C'est la vie I guess so I take what I can and continue dreaming for the day that it will become a reality. 

But my darling publisher persisted even sans launch that I needed to receive my copies  as pre-orders were already locked in. So with mounting fear, I met up with Gerome Dela Pena as he was kind enough to bring my books. On my way home alone in the taxi, I held my book near my heart and silently cried. It was the best feeling ever you guys. But because of the restrictions, I waited for the lockdown to ease up for all the deliveries to happen. I was just so lucky that all my readers were so understanding. They knew that had there been no Covid-19, there is no way that I will allow this to happen. There is nothing that sets the blood astir of a novice author than seeing his readers up close and personal. I'm a firm believer of small talks that can turn into interesting conversations. 

Eventhough, all my hard copies got sold out from the pre-order, I feel that my book has been stagnant, collecting dust. If I want my book to be read by demographics who choose not to buy a hard copy, I should think of a plan. When my co-Young Blood Six alum Syrine sold her book through e-copies and sold it really well, that's when I knew that a light bulb moment is upon me. So I asked her and she willingly told me her tricks. Tbh, converting your manuscript to a Mobi or Epub is as easy as flipping the pages of a riveting read.  Truth be told, I never thought of ever converting Pun Intended to ebook version. I have my reservations which I shall not disclose here. But if I want my book to be moving, I need to take this measure and see where this will take me. As of this writing, I have sold 17 copies and it's a small win that is not so small at all. I shall be naming them because their support matters to me as this will push me to continue writing. 

MJ Geronimo | Gloida CV | Abigail Maalindog | Mercy Panagsagan | Aizel Nova Aranez | Rhyah Austrie Reyes | Kookie Gebilaguin | Madith Deinla | Angelo Evarola | Nina | Syrine Gladys Podadera | Cath Villamor | Kate Pedroso | Kristine Abrigo | Andrei Septimo | Noemi Maac | Jay Capon | Ivan | Jelyn | Quinly | Nicole | Mina | John Kelvin | Marvie and more to come hopefully! 

I have no room for bitterness even if the community that I expected to support didn't bother at all ( I mean not all of them but you get the drift) and I totally understand. Life is hard. Books are not essential. My brand of writing is not for everybody. I gave up promoting to certain groups because I don't want my happiness to be eclipsed by that thought again, you know the big S. 

Of course, I prepared pubmats through Canva ( us DepEd teachers can use the premium version) to accompany the release and even if my all my social media friends will think my self promotion borders on just freakin too much, I have to do it because I simply can't expect people do it for me. So, please forgive a rookie author! 

Btw, if you also want to support since this ebook will be available forever, all you have to do is read the details below: 

This is just a short update because I am drowning in my sea of responsibility because of my day job. But I'll be able to update here once my schedule clears up. I have everything written down in my Notion which is a pretty nifty organizational platform and for someone who's an organized chaos, I badly need it. 

Thank you once again to my ebook buoyers. Buoyers? You might ask. I made it up. It's a words play of  Buy and Buoy! My buyers buoyed me up so I can continue creating the brand of art that I am confident to share to the world and hopefully it flies the farthest so it can take me away!



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