My Life in Journal: March, April, May

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

One of the biggest surprises of sticking through journaling this year is that I thought the months of March, April, and May would boast of overflowing entries because the days are long and I will have more time and resources to accumulate the paper things that make up my creative journal. But I was proven oh-so-wrong because these 3 months had the most disappointing of journaling turnouts. Let me point the blame again to the pandemic since Antipolo City, where I live, is now part of the infamous NCR+ and that means we were subjected to another lockdown. I call this the anniversary that I knew would be coming all along.

So instead of documenting dutifully here on the blog like for January and February- which were filled with ganaps after ganaps, I decided to have them in one go. And yes, even if these are 3 months, they can't hold a candle to how bursting my first two months were. But I gotta forge ahead because this website is turning out to be dormant because of how rarely I update here. And I hope this will give me motivation to renew my contract with my domain provider. 

There will also be some changes with how I post here. Because I tend to overshare with the details of how has it been in my life so far and this sometimes stops me from updating here. This space is supposed to be free from pressure since I am already pressured with so many concerns with work and all but coming up with lengthy captions for everything has become laborious. These are the very reasons why I abandoned all my other blogs in the past leaving all sorts of digital footprints everywhere because I can't seem to keep up with my idea of how a website should look like. I know I can do it but with priorities not being prioritized (read: my postgrad thesis), I have to reconsider some life decisions. 

Anyway, I am staying here even if there won't be regular updates. At least a once a month update won't hurt right?  I am not even sure that I have readers here because it is tough to carve out for people's attention these days but if you happen to read at this point, thank you very much. I hope I inspire you to create a journal of your own, too. 

My March journal has all the fast food chains that you could find: Jollibee, Burger King, Wendy's, Pan de Manila and Ate Rica's Bacsilog. If you are doing this long enough, you would know that if you decorate your pages with fast food packaging then you know that your resources are getting limited by the day! My Amazon order also arrived this month and I made sure that I will be forever incorporating the stickers and paper things from that big purchase (thank you Miss Cecile Zamora for the gift card, you da best). And as an homage to Andy Warhol who turned sundry items as pieces of art, I did not forget to include a Campbell's Soup packaging that he once used as a subject for his exhibition in MoMA. And for my March cover page, I added a quote from Sara Coleridge. 

For April, if Jollibee is used to decorate the pages, can Mcdonalds, KFC, Starbucks be far behind? I also tried Cibo's Pizza Romana Four Cheese that I bought at Shopwise and honestly, it was so good! Since in 2gether the Series, there's this one scene that will remind you of the innocence of Sarawatine's dalliance, you know I have to buy this limited edition Pocky! 

At least my May is interesting enough: after months of thinking whether it's worthy or not, I already supported Abbey Sy on her Patreon first as a Dreamer but since it's way too limited, I've upgraded to The Maker. I also received a Photobook as a gift from a friend. Our eats this month are Papa John's Pizza and Burger King (again) and we also indulged in some Friday afternoon booze party! I also bought an ice-bar maker from Daiso and to wrap this up, I've used to full capacity the two art books I ordered at Amazon. It's here and here

I wish the succeeding months would be full of breakthroughs, bucket lists fulfilled and yes, more paper things to decorate my journal pages! 

I wish the same to you! 


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