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Monday, September 21, 2020

Before starting this website, people suggested that I should try doing Youtube. I know, they have the best intention and I appreciate them for it. With the help of my sister Sofia, we tried recording my first vlog using my age-old iPhone 6. We decided to do room tour even if my room is just one bed, two humongous bookshelves, and a table sticking into each other. You can navigate my room in seconds. My few clothes are slumped sadly in a three-tier sorta dish rack. You get the picture. Really, do I need a channel for you to visualize the shoe box that is my room when my words can? But I tried anyway. And so I yakked into the camera and the moment I started describing each part, I knew right there and then that Youtubing is not for me. I sounded insignificant and who would subscribe to me? I quit the attempt and asked my sister to erase the footage down. The world is bonkers enough for anyone to see the senselessness. 

So, I leave Youtube to those who can churn great contents at a drop of a hat and let me tell you, it is not an easy thing. Creating contents that will rack views is not for the fainthearted. Especially now that the competition is stiff. But if there's one word that will help you monetize the channel, it has to be AUTHENTICITY. You can be a prodigy in editing or you speak flawless English but if you are not authentic in the way you handle your efforts, then it is going to be slowburn for you. So before you strive for that coveted gold button (equivalent to 1 Million unique subscribers), it is waaaay better to work on your genuineness first because that's an instant way to get a cult following. 

I chose carefully who I sub to. With Youtube's sometimes weird algorithm, the suggested videos could be hit and miss. For example, recently I have been watching an ASMR restoration of luxury shoes and bags and there is no way that I searched for it. That's a hit because I never thought that I'll be enjoying it. And  then there will be videos of iffy challenges done by some local vloggers and I was like, woah, this has a million views? 

That's authenticity working its magic. 

The roundup below of my favorite channels and channels to watch out for is as eclectic and disparate as I want it to be. They make me worth the screen time. Take a swig of the drink nearest to you for all that we have in common. 

Or if you haven't checked them yet, I mean what are you waiting for? Lol. 

1. Watch Mojo

Listicles excite me and this channel is a paean to lists. Every time there is a fresh entry of certain interest, I always make sure to guess what tops their version and would pat myself at the back for knowing and understanding their wavelength. It is joyful to know that you both have the same preferences on things. Watch Mojo has currently 22.9 M subs and between you and me, that's helluva lot. So popular is this channel that it also has numerous permutations like Ms. Mojo ( which I also sub for all things ultra feminine: Top 10 Sex and the City Outfits anyone?).

The channel's most popular video, with 93 M views, is the Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments. As a gay person, this has so arched my brows so I tempered this masculinity with anything from Ms Mojo just because. 


I only know of this channel's digital presence early this year when I was sucked into the vortex of 2gether The Series (AKA, the show that changes me). It's in predominant Thai ( but you can use Youtube's efficient subtitle mechanisms if you don't want to be in another episode of They Laugh, We Laugh)  and that is one tough cookie to crack but somehow the need to unsub is not happening in foreseeable future. I won't expect you to dive into this if you are not interested in Thai shows but as a fan of BrightWin, I suggest you should and rewatch the reruns of 2gether/Still2gether 'til your eyes water because high viewership and engagements mean more work for our best bois. 

GMMTV has 9.51 M subs currently. The channel's most popular video, with 27 M views, is the English-subbed Episode 1 of Perfect Match which I know nothing about. It is essential to note however that the entire 2gether The Series episodes formed the channel's Top 50 shows. Powerful, right? WATCH IT NOW! 

3. Abbey Sy

Abbey Sy is the kind of artist that I aspire to be. She's a letterer, an author and a creative entrepreneur with an online shop that sold out items fast like pancakes. She has an enviable collection of ephemera and papers and stickers and washi tapes, which if you have read my blog entry, Paper Trails, are the things that set my heart astir. She's a constant inspiration to all my journal spreads and flatlays where she balances powerfully the best of both worlds: digital and analogue. I am not big into conceptual art and those art that makes you think and rethink your existence but hers was somehow the art that is reachable because she is generous with it. I followed her on IG, subscribed to her newsletters, bought her books and listened to her advice to always be creating. 

Abbey has 24.4k subs and her most popular video, with 162k views, is Using a Disposable Film Camera. If you are a drab in following instruction manuals like I do, then better let someone like Abbey teach you how to operate things, aesthetically pleasing video-color edits included.

4. Rainbowholic TV

Before I get entangled in my dreams of discovering Bangkok, what topped my list of country to visit when all this craziness is over is Japan for all the reasons that can be summed up with this word: Kawaii. Kaila Ocampo, the stationery savvy behind Rainbowholic, is a Filipina who realizes her Japanice dreams and chronicles them in this highly addictive Youtube Channel. Her daily adventures of adorable kitsch like trying new Japanese products or going to the stores that I salivate over and over again, you know Tokyu Hands, are the stuff of all my paper reawakening. Her journals are a mishmash of what makes Japan such a utopia for papyrophiliacs. I could go on and on! 

She recently received her YT Silver Button because she has surpassed 100k subs. She deserves it hands down because her videos are like hours of therapy sessions. Her most popular video with 929K views is 12 Unique & Cute Japanese Stationery Items (with demos). Who knew that shopping for unique stationery items could be this noteworthy! 

5. Ajayll

When Youtube reaches peak popularity, reactors of all mix and stripes followed suit. In fact, there are reactors in almost all consumable art. It could be a fresh episode from a favorite show, or a song performance that defies the law of gravity. But in all the rich apothecary of reactors that have mushroomed all the corners of Youtube, who stands out for me is Ajayll who reacts to singers' body of work contained in their LPs. She can be ruthless at times where she questions whether that single is sonically fit to the whole damn album but she also has moments where she was flicking her tears after wiping them off from her eyes if a song touches her core. My most favorite reaction of all was when she was flabbergasted, as opposed to her being so lethal with her opinions, when Rainbow ( a song by Kacey Musgraves from her album Golden Hour) ended and her mascara ran. Iconic. Ajayll knows her sh*t and even if I don't approve when she revisits an album because some fans do not understand the concept that Art is Subjective, she is my go-to person when, say, Taylor Swift surprise-dropped folklore. We often don't meet halfways with her choices but it does not stop me from replaying her videos. 

Her channel has 651k subs and her most popular video, with 1.4 M views, is her reaction to Ariana Grande's 7 Rings album. 

Also recommended: Mimiyuuh, G3 San Diego, Laureen Uy, Paano Ba' To by Bianca Gonzales, Love Marie Ongpauco and yes, Ivana Alawi

I also want to give a shoutout to the Youtubers that I know personally or corresponded with because we are all in this together. They also bring authenticity to the table and I have nothing but big dreams for their channel to grow exponentially more than they could ever imagine! It would make me so happy if after reading this entry, you'll go to their channels, subscribe, and hit the notification bell! 

1. Alexis Vee

She's a fellow BrightWins and a true blue Win Metawhipped. She is my favorite 2gether The Series/Still 2gether reactor because she understands why this particular BL series does not resort to the usual tropes redolent of the genre. A dentist by profession and a responsible fangirl who suffuses her videos with organic and effervescent mores that are effortlessly fascinating! 

2. Danton Remoto

A formidable voice in the Philippine literati set, Sir Danton is one of my favorite Filipino authors of all time and it's a complete delight that he decides to dabble into this new platform where he can deliver his no-nonsense commentary on pop culture, literature and creative writing, all in his signature wit and panache. 

3. Dong Lakwatsero

Dong or Arjay as we call him is headstrong as he is engaging. If he wants something, whether it be interviewing Yayo Aguila for his live shows, or trying it up for DepEd TV Broadcasting team, he wants it done no matter what it takes. His channel where he #loveslocal by showcasing sartorial choices and food places and homebound events in Antipolo City where he lives is something admirable. 

4. JC Pineda

JC and I haven't met but I feel that we are friends from some indeterminate past because we genuinely like each other. His channel is a motley of tasteful song covers, skin care to end all skin cares and some sensational news that will keep you glued to the screens for hours on end. 

5. Lorraine Concepcion

She was really shy back in the days when I handled her in English 9 and this unfurling of new Lorraine is exciting to behold. And boy, she's a natural here. I mean it cannot be denied that she was in the top of her class. She can be humorous at times and could turn sultry in an instant! Her channel is new but when you observe her videos, it's as if she has been doing this for a long time. 

Gerome Nicolas Dela Pena ( GM TV) 

Chances are, you probably have read one of his exquisite poems written in the most melodious Filipino, or his stimulating essays and don't know that Gerome has a Youtube channel. Yep, you heard that right. Your friendly professor is showing that he's not only adept with coming up with thought pieces, but he can also make your sub's worth because his channel is something that will help you rethink of your literature's own. 

So, do you have a favorite YT channel to binge? I am pretty sure you do. 


*All images are screenshot from their respective channels

(cover image from Pinterest)

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