Paper Trails

Thursday, September 3, 2020

I do not own many clothes or shoes, but I compensate it with papers. It's a conscious decision that might generate weird reactions from people who have more clothes to wear than necessary. In fact, if I visit the stationery heaven that is Japan, I will make sure that the balikbayan boxes that I'll bring home from the supposed trip would contain nothing but pretty papers from Tokyu Hands, LoFT, Daiso, Traveler's Factory, Don Quijote and the 100 Yen stores that my tita is telling me about. I might squeeze in some Uniqlo and GU only if there's money left. Yes, you will see me repeat clothes or shoes but you'd be hardpressed to see me repeating papers for my future journaling layouts just because! 

Papers excite me like books do. On a given day, I can get lost in their delightful flimsy even if the world around me is falling apart. And it's therapeutic too. Whenever I feel bad from something I can't control, I'll just bring out my stash and within minutes and not even exaggerating here, I will feel a lot better. If I am also feeling uninspired and it keeps on happening lately, I only think of the papers that I won't use and instantly, I am back from grinding again. 

Yes, you heard it right, the papers that I won't use lol. But don't worry because If I want to keep up with the Artsy Fartsy tag on this blog, then I will be forced to use them for all sorts of different projects WHICH I AM SO EXCITED TO DIG INTO TBH. 

This is where my loots lie: 

Boxes are from Papemelroti, Chuvaness' care packages; Cookies tin can from Agustin fam


from, Daiso Singapore ( courtesy of my friend Rizza Pereyra), Abbey Sy, Anne Solomon, and Chuvaness


from Kikki.K and National Bookstore


from Abbey Sy, Biblio, National Bookstore X Chuvaness, and Stranger Things


from Miniso, Papemelroti, Starbucks, Dylan's Candy Bar, National Bookstore X Chuvaness, Jessica Zafra, Kinokuniya, Amazon Singapore


Mangas from my aunt in Japan

Pantone postcards

from Pantone: 100 Postcards bought at National Bookstore Warehouse Sale

From Papemelroti, Galison Gift, American Greeting, Lizzie Lees, Traveler's Time and ABCT Store

I still have more coming and you my readers will be the first to see them when they arrive from Japan!

Let's just say, I CAN'T WAIT!


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