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Sunday, September 6, 2020


As you now know, I am launching this website on my birthday which happens to be today. I call this the one stop shop of everything Ryan because I designed it in such a way that all my interests will be in one place. I know it could be self-indulgent but it has been a long standing dream of mine to have my own corner of the Internet because let's face it, it's a powerful vehicle to let your presence known. 

Why only now when blogging is a relic of the past? When everyone who dabbled blogging before made a switch to vlogging which clearly is a sure monetary bait? I don't know either and I don't care. I love writing and I don't look good on camera. I am super awkward when I tried videoing myself one day when vlogging became an option to experiment during the ECQ but I resented it as much. I am a talker of course but when being filmed, I sort of blurted gobbledygook and it dawned on me that it is not for me. 

So this entry will take you to all the parts of this website. I hope you will take your time discovering the nook and cranny of this creative output. Btw, the domain is hosted by Z.Com. The theme that I've used here is from Berenica Designs over at Etsy. Everything is less than 1 thousand bucks. So if you want to create a website of your own, I strongly recommend them. 

The Upper Pages: 

1. Home- Paying attention to the Internet parlance, a Home is the whole total look of the website. So everything can be navigated from there. 

2. About- This is the autobiographical corner. I included all the books that I appeared in ( Young Blood Six for my essay From Hair to Eternity and Novice magazine for my essay #Pride of Passage)  and my own book Pun Intended: Collected Works. I also linked all the articles from Philippine Daily Inquirer that mentioned me. 

3. Contact- This is where I listed my skills if you want me to create something for you. Launching this website means reopening all my talents in various disciplines. Yes, I am for hire. 

4. Blog- As the name suggests, this is the heart of my website. It has all the posts that I've done so far and will be doing in the future. You can also suggest what do you want to read. 

5. Portfolio- This houses my articles from different publications. If you click this page, it will lead you to my Journo Portfolio account. 

6. Pun Intended: Collected Works- If you buy the book, then you'll probably see the photos that you sent me. Thank you btw for purchasing my first ever book! 

7. Library- All the books that I ever owned can be found in this page. I used a separate portal for this and you can totally do it to your collection. 

8. Miscellany- This is where I categorized all my posts. The categories are taken from spectrum of subjects that I am so passionate about: 
     BrightWin- this is an obvious topic of course. BrightWin is my one and only stan and I want them to gain permanence in my website. 
     Cheapthrills- this is where I place all my current favorites that are not money busters. 
     Books- I mean this should be obvs right? 
     ArtsyFartsy- anything related to my other interests: papers and crafting! 
     Musings- unpublished essays and short stories and all the random asides
     Oh The Places We'll Go- All the places I've gone to. Read: I have to really like the place. 

  The Socials:

1. Spotify- I am so proud of my public playlists! 

2. Tumblr- I dedicate this tumblr to my forever favorite Cecile Zamora. She has been gifting me stuff since 2015 and I decided to chronicle everything to show my gratitude. 

3. Facebook- What do you think of this new interface? I like it! 

4. Instagram- this is a constant, you should have one. Please follow me, lol. 

5. Twitter- this is my stan account. 

6. Pinterest- I made sure that I pinned all the stuff that interest me. 

The Side Dishes:

1. My alter ego telling you she likes you. 
2. You can directly message me in Stay in Touch.
3. In Never Miss A Post, you can sign up with your email address so you are always updated whenever I post new content. This is like the subscription button of your favorite Youtube channel. 
4. Read all my Popular posts in this portion.
5. Read Next is suggestive as it is promising.
6. All of my combined posts are in Archive.
7. Daily Inspo is where I always get inspiration from my favorite bloggers.
8. Pinterest Moodboard is a visual representation of my current pins.

The Bottom

My Instagram feed. Follow me please @theryanfaura 

I hope this is worth your while. I hope you can visit me again and again. 


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