We'll Always Have Christmas

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
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Christmas this year, although potentially different, is going to be the most anticipated in recent memory. Because it will give us unbridled hope for better 2021. Because it will finally bring us the much-needed cheer and warmth that only this holiday brings. And because we celebrate the longest Yuletide season in the world, as early as September 1, you'll start hearing Christmas songs incessantly on the radio, or in malls. Sadly, the malls this year could not be as festive because of the restrictions and as a mallrat ,this saddens me. I love photographing all the decorations, all the window displays, the installations from my favourite shops, the gifts the people bring in fancy paper bags, the rush OMG which sadly could only happen in the pre-corona world.

Everything that you ever think about Christmas is now existing in some Christmases past. 

But those are just shallow vexations if the greater good shall be prioritized. Good thing I have a Spotify playlist that I always access to no end starting September. These are the songs that I took time to curate because I want this to be the BEST CHRISTMAS MIXED TAPE that you'll ever have to play. 

Go to your Spotify, search for thedailyqueen ( this is my account, following me is optional), locate all my public playlists, scroll down and look for We'll Always Have Christmas, shuffle and play it all the way to Three Kings! 


Although this playlist is a constant addition to our holiday celebrations and I looooove every single one these songs, I also have my favorites: 

1. Carly Rae Jepsen's Last Christmas- nothing beats Wham's version of course but this,for me, is the  closest next! If you are familiar with Jepsen's E.Mo.Tion album production ( one of my favorite albums of all time, ALL TIME), then you know that this is reverberated from the same instrumentation.  It's an 80s confection refresher but ponders the same thoughts: to save one for tears, this love should be given to someone special. Amen!

2. Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me- Go Ari! Tell Santa that if he can't gift someone who'll stay, drop the intention altogether. Thanks but no thanks!

3. Britney Spears' My Only Wish ( This Year)- It's Britney Bi*ch serving us what she does best: pop Christmas perfection that recalls the glory days of the early 2000s. It couldn't get better than this! I miss this Britney and I am sure if you grew up listening to Baby One More Time and Sometimes!

4. Sarah Mclachlan's River- What if you have a river where you can skate on come winter morning? My tropical a*s can't relate but somehow this song lyrically transported me back somewhere snowy and wonderful despite its depressing undertones.

5. Maria Mena's Home for Christmas- if you don't know Maria then YOU are seriously missing out a lot. This ditty will make you long for home if you are far away from it, in all the season of your lives.

6. Sara Bareilles' Love is Christmas- I always tear up when this song comes along because it delineates the little hardships that we sometimes feel when the merriest season comes along. But it always reminds me as long as there is love shared, those things don't matter. (Now, where's my hanky?

What is your go-to Christmas song? What song heralds the start of the holiday for you? If you have none yet, then let me tempt you from the playlist above.

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