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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Ubeliciousness has been conceived many times in the past, but it is only during the pandemic, where the lull of days fused together as one long stretch, that this was birthed out to the world.

And what delicious offspring it was!

We are so enamored and full and filled with Mrs. Ruby Ann Ube's culinary flair. In fact, I once told her that it's a shame that we are the only ones enjoying her creations when they deserve wide, public consumerism. She always shrugs off the idea because she knows that it will demand her full attention and as a public high school teacher, having that on her plate is a little bit too much now.

And then the quarantine happened. Everyone is expected to acquire a new skill. Some people became instant plant daddies. Others collected digital certificates from webinars closest to their hearts. Few waited for an eternity to feed their sourdough starters. Mrs. Ube dusted off her aprons, perfected her ubecheesedesal and sushi bake game, and turned it into something profitable, and really, really tasteful! 

That something is now Ubeliciousness.

The brand name is a play of words from Ube ( her surname and with a surname like that, you can always expect for something sumptuous), delicious, and the suffix ness thrown in for a good measure.

With satisfied customers ranging from Antipolo City Councilor Susan Garcia-Say to Cignal HD Spikers Rachel Ann Daquis, to name just a few, these baked treats are joining the conversation and the quarantine get-togethers of family members. It is trending for all the good reasons!

Mrs. Ube and her daughter Rain with volleybelle Cignal HD Spiker Rachel Ann Daquis

Barely half a year when she started this venture and she already has a cult following! These are the people who, time and again, repeat orders after orders with generous reviews on social media prompting for more customers who can't get enough of their goodness and THAT is one clear indication that your business is thriving.

When I asked her how do people know her business, she told me that everything is word of mouth. Well, I just hope this humble mention will do her good because Mrs. Ube is someone who I will catch a grenade for, you know like a Bruno Mars hit.

Take your pick from the choices below:

  • UbeCheesedesal/ Ubebites
It's pillowy, gooey, cheesy, what more can you ask for really? And also, will you really buy an ubecheesedesal from someone whose surname is not Ube? Please reconsider your life choices.

  • Sushi Bake
Sushi Bake (or Baked Sushi) is for the people who don't like to eat sushi but will try anyway. I'm now a converted Sushi Bake disciple in every sense of the word, but I am partial to Ubeliciousness'. 

  • Chocobutternut Balls ( plain and with almonds)
There are days when our sweet tooth craves for something, well, sweet and there are days when it wants a little crunch. Good thing these balls, irresistible balls, come rescuing when those polarizing situations happen.

  • Banana Loaf (choice of Almonds or Choco Chips)
Of course, we love bananas. It's this one fruit that is available year-round and with many exciting varieties. It is in this inspired idea why Ubeliciousness Banana Loaf comes with toppings of almonds or choco chips because hey, when you want your daily dose of potassium, you'll go for something exciting right?

  • Magnum Ice Candy
Taste like those uber expensive ice creams but cost as less.

  • Milo Overload
It's either you are team Ovaltine or Team Milo growing up but for whatever Ubeliciousness Milo Overload puts the oomph in overload! 

  • Monghe
OMG, what are you doing gallivanting about? Order this gourmet embutido now because this is a gamechanger! 

Now more than ever, we should #SupportLocal because they are the ones most hit in this direst of circumstances. So every time your craving gets the best of you, you know where to go.

Follow Ubeliciousness on Instagram here.

Photos: Ruby Ann Ube


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