BrightWin, How do I love thee? Let me BUY the ways

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Look what you made me buy, BrightWin! 

Before anything else, let me just unload this now. All the stuff (BrightWin Titas call it in faux French, beauxdol) that you will be seeing below were not ordered/ purchased in one clean sweep. I can still regard my self-control as laudable. There is no freaking way that I can afford all. So a little disclaimer: everything here is within a tolerable range. Certain fans are only built to own just a few err things and I am OK with that. 

A little digression.

This is so not me before, that I can tell you now with certainty. The closest thing that I can claim to have been that 'fan' was when I bought the Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down book at Fully Booked and that even took me 3 seasons and countless situational tug-of-wars( Shall I buy this? Do I need this in my life? Will I use this?) I made sure that I dreamed of it first because it's not like I can pawn the book during the rainy days. I promised myself that it will be the biggest splurge that I'll ever commit to a show no matter how I like it. 

Then along came 2gether the Series. 


Let's just say that I was pretty full from all the words that I have devoured. Did you hear the telltale traces of regrets in my voice? I am sure you didn't. 2gether The Series saved me trips to the shrink and with that, I am forever indebted. Buying their merchandises is waaaaay cheaper than expensive therapies. And since this is officially my first ever descent to the rabbit hole of everything BrightWin, I should slay the fangaying part right? But remember, no self-respecting fan would tell you the exact amount of all his purchases even forced at gunpoint, but they will gladly indulge you to all the visualities because why not? Lol.

So, this is the oral history of the beauxdol. It's not much. But this is all I have.

1. Colly Gluta C +

This product has appeared many times in the show that it basically shoves itself to you. It's a plus that some scenes in 2gether The Series had the characters popping this on their mouths. I am so convinced because the best endorsers are the ones that actually try the product themselves. So there. And that tender scene from Episode 4 of Still2gether made me not regret ever buying this. Did I become fairer as promise? Not really sure but I was happy. And isn't that the point?

2. Sarawat Jersey 

This is so iconic to the show that I can declare now that most of those who watched it would either want the white version (worn by Tine) or this black (worn by Sarawat). I should have bought the white one because I'm a member of #WivesOfSarawat but my thought process was, how does it feel to wear Sarawat's jersey on my body? Is this whipped to you or what?

3. Olay Body Science

When Olay Philippines hinted on Twitter a series of not-so-cryptic clues of two familiar shadows of its newest endorsers, BrightWins everywhere are quick to point out even without the official confirmation. When it was finally revealed that it was Win Metawin ( Bright Vachirawit is yet to be unveiled soon), I opened my Lazada app and ordered away. It was that easy. I din't even make a sweat.

4. White Sarawatine Tshirt and masks

To be fair because I bought the black jersey, I opted to order the white t-shirt worn by Win here. The masks which are probably the most essential piece now come in both black and white. I have yet to receive these items as of this posting and you I will wear them down like a road. 

5. Elle Idol x BrightWin

Elle Magazine Thailand has stumbled a publishing goldmine when they decided to enlist BrightWin as the stars of their Elle Idol 2 & 3! The fans had a hard time purchasing these copies because it was crazy during their separate launches. But once it came through, let's just say that I won't be erasing this app ever! Look for Bright on bed with those undressing eyes and CEO Win on his power suit about to boss you around! It's interactive, irresistible  and intimate! Just the way I like it! 

6.  V Live + Global Fan Meet x BrightWin

This is probably my best purchase from this fangaying journey! For all that its worth, I think this is for all the fans practicing for when the time comes that our best boys will have their real, in-the-flesh concert, we could really enjoy it the best way that we can! I still haven't replayed the video yet because I am saving it when I miss them the most but I remembered living in the moment during its play date. It was 2 hours well spent and I still cry thinking about it now.

7 & 8. 2gether The Series DVD Box Set and BrightWin Photobook

I never in a moment thought that this obsession will come to this point. But this is me admitting that yes, I mulled this decision for the longest time because I need to know how impactful this purchase could be in the years to come, when this is all over. Let's just say I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

Thank you for reaching this point. Have you had it this bad? Probably you haven't encountered that one show that will change the gears for you. I still think that 2gether The Series is my Star Wars and some probably might scoff at this comparison but it is what it is for me.

At the end of the day, let us go to the show that has changed you that even if you look back, when all of these merches have all faded: jerseys and t-shirts were worn and torn, photobooks and dvd sets have lost their novelties and their nostalgia, memories of virtual concerts all forgotten, you can still say that those were the days when you've had it good.

And you wouldn't change a thing.


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