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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I made it my life mission to make my workplace as conducive and as inspiring as possible. It has all my favorite things within reach (I'll have a separate blog for this) but sometimes you need a little change of place to shake things up a bit. You know where my eyes can rest and recuperate and not stare at our window where the usual views are the laundry area and a little sunlight streaming in. 

So when a friend suggested we could go to this place not really far from where we all live (we all live in one city so everywhere is accessible), I immediately packed my work essentials and said yes. This idea of working somewhere excited me. After all, the pandemic forces everyone to stay inside. Every time I go out to buy the essentials, you sort of having these panic attacks and the only necessary thing to do is to cut off your shopping half so you can go home in a jiffy. In fact, the only places I've been to this whole lockdown are Shopwise, Savemore, Puregold, and Robinson's Antipolo. When the ECQ was lifted, we were allowed to dine in at Jollibee and I nearly wept because it was so good. 

The place where my friend has been singing praises is the First Pacific Leadership Academy. It is conveniently located alongside the busy Sumulong Highway and considering from the outside looking in, the greens are thriving and yes, productivity seems to be shouting out loud. I was compelled to listen of course although I'm a huge believer of the idea that you are not measured by the amount of work that you accomplished during a contagion.

If you know me, I'm not a nature kind of gay. I did not even jump in the planting craze that has defined my friends' quarantine. I call myself a mallrat because I'm the proverbial slave of capitalism but in this day and age, a little reset won't hurt. Most especially now where traveling far and wide is not an option. All your #travelgoals are cancelledt and you basically have to accept the cold, hard truth. And now that I think about it, an empty mall is a lifeless box, made all the more hollow by even emptier shops and concept stores. I miss it though, I mean, but this is unmissable too!

First Pacific Leadership Academy boasts of verdant greens from all around, not for nothing since it's a popular hub for motivational seminars and teambuilding activities. It's as if you step into an area where the noise of the city is muffled. It is so hard to believe that a few steps out will lead you to the traffic that we definitely did not sign up for. There, butterflies flit and flutter freely. Unbothered birds are chirping and I bet during nighttime, the comforting drones of cicadas provide a symphony that only nature can give. So yes even if we tried the hardest to be productive, the scenes outside our work area are a welcome distraction.

Lucky me, I can easily be tempted to frolic!

I forgot what's this installation but this will greet you when you enter the training area.

This has a very cafe feel to it.

This is where we worked for the rest of the day. It is fully air-conditioned, with reliable Wifi connectivity and a Nespresso machine. 

Yep, it me! I don't look good on photos so you won't be seeing my face often here. I am wearing my favorite Sarawat jersey because 2gether The Series! Lol!

We had a hearty lunch over at Tipulo because you know when you are trying to be productive, what you want after is a satisfying meal. The restaurant promises Modern Filipino Cuisine and we can definitely vouch for that. I hope you can forgive me because the moment the food was served, with the safety protocol observed of course, we weren't able to take food shots. We were so ravenous so we kinda dig in after the grace before meal! 

What we've had: Sweet and Spicy Tapsilog, Pandesal Platter, and the super sinful Crispy Patatim. Yum!

Because we spend a lot of time staring at our laptop screens, WFH setups can often lead to people contacting Computer Vision Syndrome. It is recommended to rest your eyes for at least 15 minutes. In First Pacific Leadership Academy, you can spend hours and more and your eyes will definitely love you back! 

The entrance fee is 300 bucks and you can have all this dose of nature for 12 hours! How cool is that? 

Not a paid post, but the Griffin's Hub ( where my friends worked and I didn't lol ) is open Mondays to Fridays ( for walk-in and reservations ) and Sundays ( for reservations only). You can check their Facebook page here


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