The Great NBS Sale Finds

Sunday, August 23, 2020
National Bookstore is a constant puzzler these days. First, they are slowly turning into school supplies-general merchandise even months away from Balik Eskwela. Second, they have sales after sales after sales that me wonders, are the company struggling? But I don't complain about the latter. The former, I have some words.

What I particularly hate is the sight of their Bestsellers and New Titles shelves now replaced with far too many planners and notebooks that I don't even consider cute. I mean, can these notebooks be relegated to just a corner and allow the books to take centerstage? Or the winds are changing because people don't read nowadays and only by selling these school days staples can they ever survive?

I just hope not because I always have some of the best memories when I'm inside the store. There will be no mall days without visiting a branch because stepping into the bright interiors with all the fabulous books ready to wear my wallets thin is the kind of simple luxury that I can afford.

Although I am lowkey complaining about the direction their brand is heading into ( I could be wrong though it's just that I am #LakingNational so I should know), their many, many sales this year are a different story.

My favorite branch to visit when they are having these insane sales is their Superbranch in Cubao. It's impossible to miss this because even from a distance, the telltale red exterior with their store's name scrawled in the surface can easily be seen alongside Araneta City's many establishments.

So the moment I entered the store, I directly went up and located my favorite sections: Lifestyle books. Super happy to buy all of these books insanely discounted.

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

50 Ways to draw your beautiful ordinary life

My Ideal Bookshelf

The Bust DIY Guide to Life

Cool Japan Guide

The Exquisite Book

Lizzie Lees Create Your Own Collage

So you want to publish a magazine? 

Hello Tokyo

I regretted the fact that I only had this fascination towards lifestyle books as of late. I'm a novel kind of person but novels bore me these days. Very happy that I grew up reading all the novels that I could get my hands on so I don't really need to burden myself of buying new books as they happened.

So do you have any marvelous finds from the sale? 


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